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The Purpose of the CAP Center:

This site is dedicated to helping students find acareer of their choice, and achieve academicsuccess in their subjects. This front page is an example of the types of links that can be found on this site.

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Khan Academy Video “ You Can Learn Anything "

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Find the Career That Is Right for You!

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.BetterGrades andYourself

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Big Rocks First

Thinking Rock

Get Your GED

Get HelpWith Your Homework

Critical Thinking

Don't judge me by my past; I don"t live there any more. Judge me on my merits because my potential is in my future.

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Sites To visitdaily

What is Happening

This page contains events and happenings in the United States, State, andlocal area of the Tidewater area.

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Resources for Students and Teachers

Learning for Students and Teachers

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These include the following: The Khan Academy, e Media Va, Academic Earth, Curriki, SASCurriculum Pathways, Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything, Math TV, Virginia Beach Library, cK-12, Forbes Free Learning Tests (beta), Learning for Life, Scholarship Labs, Immersion by Google, Memorize and SkillShare. (Cheap or Free)

(Follow the leader,And you will always be a top-notch learner!)

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The" focus" section is found on all webpages on this site. “Focus" contains some of the most useful, interesting and informative sites on the Internet.

The“Focus” link on this page will take you to some sites that stand out above the rest. Enjoy!

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New Found Sites

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New page adde to this web site:Health Medical Trends

New found sites are not on my site, but probably will be put somewhere on my site in the near future. Their placement is based on their content or if someone tells me that it is a good or bad site.

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Free for Teachers

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These site are for teachers, and they contain such things as lesson plans, educational value, or student improvement qualities.

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These site are for parents, and they contain such things as student protection and safety, and parental advice and guidance material .

Nothing But Blue Skies

New page: “Writing Page”Updated Click Here


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-Katie P.

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