1. Tests and Evaluation


 Start With A Self Evaluation

It  is important to assess your skills,work values, and interests, but exactly what do these assessments mean? The University of Kent has a very interesting self assessment for finding out how to choose a career that is right for you. The site iSeek has outstanding tools for examining your skill assessments based on the data from the Occupational Information Network.  Learn more about yourself with these assessments.  Try the "Who am I?"(from Virginia Career View) tool kit and discover who you could become.  After completing at least one of these evaluations, an excellent way to see your future is to visualize yourself in your future career. If you are still not sure where to start, the following sections may help you with career choices.

If you are deciding to choose a career, solve it as thought it is a problem with the possibility of many solutions. Ask friends, guardians or other people in your life, how they solved this problem. You could take the Keirsey Personality Temperament Sorter  for assessing whether you are a Guardian, an Idealist, an Artisan, or a Rationalist. (These are all explained on the site.)  

If you know the exact career you are interested in pursuing, the following site can match careers skills, previous experience and interests.  MySkills My Future

Testing and Preparation    An excellent testing site is "Varsity Tutors". There are tests for the ACT, EMT, GED,GMAT, CLEP, CMA, College (Chemistry, Physics,Science), EMR, GRE, High School (Math, Biology, etc.), HSPT.ISEE, LSAT, MCAT,NCLEX, PALS, Pre-Algebra, Precalculus, SAT, SSAT, Trigonometry, and many more not mentioned here. (The tests are free, but the tutoring cost $$$.)

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