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After Graduation    


     SCAD  The University for Creative Careers  Offering more degree programs and specializations than any other art and design university, SCAD is uniquely qualified to prepare talented students for professional, creative careers.

     Full Sail   Full Sail University offers campus and online degree programs that are designed for the world of entertainment and media. Offering associate’s, bachelor’s, and master's degrees, Full Sail's approach is centered on real-world industry experience

Headhunters Versus Career Counselors:   This is a very interesting article that discusses the difference between a headhunter and a career counselor. It is important to know the difference between these two  because you are at a critical stage in the process of getting a good job. You  may be very vulnerable to scams by headhunters. 

Culinary schools   This site includes some of the following areas 1. Cost of culinary school,  2. Chef salaries, 3 top 10 culinary schools, 4 Virginia beach culinary schools, 5 online culinary schools. Other areas of interest include types of chefs, culinary training, top schools, majors, degree types, and career information.

Career Special Interests and Searches

GlassDoor  Search Jobs, company reviews, Salaries and much more.

College Insider at Cappex Blackog   This is your place to find the college that you want. It’s the place to discover new colleges and scholarships, compare your top choices and make the decisions that give you peace of mind.

Become a Nurse  Online RN to BSN Programs  If you are interested in a nursing career, this site has the best  up-to-date information  on the Internet. According to this site, “We’ve formulated a list of the top RN to BSN nursing programs in the country based on several key factors.”  If you are already a nurse the “Nursing Journals” contain vital information about what is going on in this field.   If you are not  sure what type of a nurse who would like to be, the following link will help you “Find the right nursing degree for you.”  In a nursing career, there is no limit. The pathway to a college education and beyond is at your fingertips. If you’re a college-bound student, here are the guidelines for attaining whatever goals you set for yourself. College-bound.

Economic Check Up  Finding Work; Cut Spending; Reducing Debt; Using Home Equity.

Resume Surgeon   In the current careers climate, competition for jobs is fierce than ever before. Applications for some roles can run into the hundreds, sometimes thousands, so if your resume does not capture the employer’s imagination, you can forget any chance of landing the job.

College Aftermath   When the best 4 years of your life is over!

After College   Where your career begins.   Here at the AfterCollege Blog, our goal is pretty simple: to help college students and recent grads figure out what they might like to do with their lives and how to make that happen. So we were pretty excited when we heard about Katherine Schwarzenegger’s book, I Just Graduated… Now What? (out April 1, 2014, on Crown Archetype).

Joh Hunt   A guide to smarter job hunting!  This is the biggest mistake people make. No idea what they really want to do — they just want a job, any job! That lack of focus makes a job search so much more difficult! Exponentially more difficult!  Directory

IPad App Or on the Web —  "Job Aware"  JobAware is fully accessible from any web browser and automatically syncs job tracking, search history and LinkedIn jobs between devices.

All Job Search   Alljobsearch.com is the most powerful and comprehensive job search engine that amalgamates all jobs from many resource in one place to make the online job search much easier. This site searches everywhere, including thousands of popular job sites, professional sites, employers sites, newspapers and newsgroups in real time.

How one couple earned 7 degrees without taking out student loans and still saved enough to stop working for 5 years 

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