11.  Retirement


Retirement and Golden Years

An interesting scenario for your career path could be the following career formula: 

During your high school years, select a vocational curriculum that would also have  a goal of going to college. This would give you a foundation for an actual career, and if you decide to go to college, it would give you a skill that would enable you to pay for your college education. Many students go to college, and when they graduate are strapped with the burden of a hefty student loan to pay back. Normally students graduate high school  when they are  17,18 or 19 years old.If you have a skill by this time, or you need at least one more year for the reparation of that skill, that would put you at the age of 20 years old. Using this skill to pay for your college would mean that you would not have any debt when you got out of college after four years. An additional option would be to apply for service and let the military pay for your college.

 After you have graduated from college, in the field of your choice, about age 24, join the military You now have the added benefit of having a skill, as well as college training for  your career in the service.  The nice added benefit is that you are now in your chosen career and you didn’t have to go out looking for a job. If additional training is necessary the service will provide free.

Upon retiring from military service after 20 years, apply for civil service.  You can stay in the same kind of job you did in the military or since you have experience you can even choose our field is relatively close to your experience. Stay in civil service for the next 20 years of your career life, and then retire.  If you have followed this pathway, you should be between 60 to 65  years of age. Civil Service Retirement!

Finally, choose an avocation that would involve one or more of your hobbies, because you have the option to do anything that you would like to do.

It is extremely difficult to think in these terms when you are starting out in life, however, if by some fate or fortune you take this advice, remember, you will at some point reflect back on your life, and say this is what I should’ve done, or I am glad I did it this way.

And, some day you may face aging parents, or you may consider this in you personal life.. The site “As You Wish”  answers such questions as “Advanced Directives, Costs, Life-Prolonging Treatment, and additional information.  To be sure, this is not what you are thinking about right now, but there may come a day when you will need this information.

A Place for Mom   A Place for Mom launched in 2000 in the U.S. to give seniors and their families an easier way to find senior care.


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