4.  Research Career Facts and Information


Research Facts and Information

          Video and Audio Career Help  Carer Audio Podcast  presents an excellent audio account of the process for finding a career that is best for you.  Video clips are another way to experience the job market. The following sites may give you A different perspective on what is available to you: " Roadtrip Nation ," "JobsMadeReal,"  CareerOneStop Videosand Real Life 101.

"Virginia Career View" is an informative and comprehensive career information site.  It empowers  people with disabilities, explores Virginia's college communities, provides a "Who am I?" toolkit, and much more. Virginia View  is for children grades k-5, grades 6-8, parents, and professionals. 

If you're not interested in going to college, perhaps the technical and vocational schools are the right path for you.  Career Colleges

          Detailed Career Research    Research these ten choices in great detail and, narrows your choices down to three or four.  Your evaluation should consider such things as salary, job benefits, working conditions, health plans, career knowledge, skills needed, your abilities, work duties, and activities, working conditions, work demographics, education and schools available, finances available, interests, work values, and related occupations. In addition to the links in the previous paragraphs, and the next few paragraphs use this great search engine for additional information: Census Reporter     Another valuable source is the Department of Labor.

 Here are some links to guide you with your in-depth research The O'Net site is a great place to start.  The three categories are: "Career Clusters," "Data Descriptor Search " and "Crosswalk Search," " My Next Move ".     

The Occupational Outlook Handbook is an excellent guide from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for finding the highest paying, fastest growing,  and  new jobs in an ever expanding market. CareerOneStop not only lets you browse, and find career information, but it informs you of job locations, cost of livingscholarshipsfinancial aid, health plans and benefits, employment trendslicensed and certification occupations, and green careers. You can use these career tools to get more information, as well as compare occupational salaries.  More career information can be accessed on the CAP site.

          General Research With Search Engines  If you want to just search on your own, try the following career search engines: ABC Search Engine If you already know or have worked in a profession, here is a site called " My Skills, My Future " that finds career matches, and existing jobs.

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