5.  Contacts


Contact People Who Are In Your Career Choices

After you have researched your three careers, it is recommended that you contact and interview someone in each one of your potential careers.   If you go into an interview with no preparation, your question might have been one like this: "What kind of money do you make?" Now that you have completed your research, your question may be something like this: "I understand you can make between $50,000 and $75,000 in this field.  What kind of salary can I expect in this area, and what part of the country or the world is the best place to live in for advancement in this career?” Make up original questions for your interviews from the facts and research you have conducted, or follow 40 Informative Interview Questions as a guide for your questions. 

Contact other people who could influence or help you in your career.  Consider going to a local college to experience college life. Talk to the registrar, and ask about attending a class in progress, or talk to a professor who teaches a class related to your interests. If this is not an option, visit a college campus online by taking a "virtual visit" to "Campus Tours".  Experience “JobsMadeReal" for videos about many career opportunities.

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