6.  Job Shadowing, Internships  Volunteering, Apprenticeships, and Networking


Job Shadowing, Internships  Volunteering, Apprenticeships, and Networking

After the interview, you try  Job Shadowing for the company you just interviewed,(Job Shadowing Guide)  or try an online job shadow This would give you an invaluable experience of  on-the-job training, and the chance to use networking skills. Internships are relatively new to the U. S., but they are an excellent way to introduce you to the work world.

An  Apprenticeship  is another way to get experience and an understanding of what is involved in a career of your choice. (Also check apprenticeships on the CAP Center)  Want a successful career? Want to further your education without racking up debt? Get started on your pathway to a successful career and enroll in a Work Place Apprenticeships program. 

Volunteering is an excellent way to discover yourself, and opportunities. An organization such as Global Volunteers will not only give you actual experience; it will have a very positive  contribution to your college application or career resume form. View this essay by Cassi Kay to see an example of this. If you want to set similar goals The Peace Corps offers  volunteer programs that may be the right fit for you.  Get your feet wet with Wet Feet.

Projects, Networking, and Google News Alerts

Possibly for extra credit, and with your teachers' approval, you could contact one of your teachers, and suggest extra credit for the following  "Project " found on the CAP Center site.  Print out the forms  from the "Project," and give them to your teacher. 

Finally, you can create Google Alerts. Google alerts will continue to search for  your search query for as long as  you want it to, and it will email you whenever it finds something new on the Internet.

Networking  Essentially, networking is getting to know people who can help you develop your career prospects”. Monster.com

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