A Career For You

If you are young, you are far richer than the wealthiest person on earth because you have “time ," and good "health".   You cannot buy or sell  either one of these.  Consider the concept of   “time" for a moment.  Imagine your life in one week increments rather than years. What kinds of decisions will you make this week that will affect the rest of your life? Will you use your time wisely, or will you waste it? Why is it important to think about a career, or even retirement at this time in your life? Why is it important to make decisions now?

As you can see, a career is a big part of your life, and  a plan, or a goal is worth thinking about now.  One of the first things people asks about a job is “ How much money can I make?”  If money is an overriding factor in your career decision, the 820 US Occupations and their Wages (2013) Bureau of Labor Statistics (Chart by Vox) is an excellent place to start.  If you have a particular career in mind, and are interested in more specific financial details, the following link will be very helpful.  Salary and Benefit 

Many think they might win the lottery, and they will be taken care of for life. The following calculator, shows that saving $3.00 a day can be a substantial savings over a 4 year period.  Use the sliding calculator to find out how much 20 years will give you?  Want to be a millionaire by 55 years of age?  Click here! 

 Small decisions add up.  Get a “reality Check”!   Do your homework and turn it in on time, attend school each day, learning to get along with others by making career decisions now.   All add up  to big consequences, and benefits later in life.

Choosing a career will happen by choice or chance. A chosen career will involve a conscious effort to plan and map out your career path. The links on this page offer you the  opportunity to choose a career based on data, and concrete information. Take control of your career life.  Don’t depend on luck or chance decisions.

 The following formula gives you an overall step by step structure for achieving your career goals:

1. Self examination

2. Discover career options (Choose 40 or more)

3. Narrow your career choices (Narrow these to about 10)

4. Research facts and information about the 10

5.  Narrow your career choices to about 3 you are serious about

6. Contact 3 people who are in your career choices

7. Interview the 3 with a pre set of questions based on information and facts you have learned

8. Ask these 3 people about Job Shadowing, Volunteering, Apprenticeships, and Networking

7. Make a decision and narrow your choice down to one of these 3

8. Plan and set goals for your future (College, additional schooling, Military, etc.)

9. Consult your counselor for more information (Financial or other information)

10. After Graduation

11. Returement

How can you determine the occupation that should be right for you?  This question may seem like an easy one to answerhowever; it is one of the most difficult, and challenging problems you may ever face in your life.  One decision could determine the next 40 plus years of your life and "The more education you receive, the more money you are likely to earn?"  (Bureau of Labor Statistics)   


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