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College Planning Calendars    These college planning calendars help HS students plan and meet important deadlines for getting into and paying for college. The calendars are design for high school juniors and seniors, with a quick college prep guide for HS freshmen and sophomores.

 Cost of College   How much will that college really cost?

Scholarship Central   Find scholarships and financial aid for college

Financial Aid    

6 Ways to Pay for College    

Skills 1 tv   Hundreds of videos about getting a trade or skill

Test Prep - GED, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MAT, SAT, etc.

College Board  Get ready for the SAT with the only online course from the test maker.

 BeRecruited    Where 25,000 coaches scout for 2 million athletes.

Excellent College Links

  1. American School Search  Search for schools to attend
  2. College Planning Calendars   Year by year plan for going to college
  3. College Locator
  4.   Search engine for locating a college
  5. College - Unpromise    Pay for college the easy way.
  6. Database of accredited postsecondary institutions and programs

  1. Off to College -  Smart college planning
  2. Scholarship Central  Find scholarships and financial aid for college
  3. Tuition Coach   Make college affordable
  4. How Online Colleges Work   Online colleges, e-learning, distance education.
  5. American College Search   Learn more about colleges and schools within a certain state
  6. Cost of College   How much will that college really cost?
  7. Community College  Compare Community Colleges
  8. Compare 529 Costs  All types of 529 plans
  9. In Like Me   Financial Aid, College Cost Comparison, Student Loans, Scholarships, Resources
  10. 33 Ways to Pay for School  Succinct ways to pay for college
  11. 10 Best Scholarship for Kids  Search for schools.
  12. Scholarship Central   Find scholarships and financial aid for college
  13. College Planning Calendars  Year by year plan for going to college
  14. Off To College-College Planning search, planning, financial, prep, etc.
  15. College - Upromise-  is a cash back program that can earn you 5% or more on your online purchases to put towards college
  16. How Online Colleges Work   Our mission is to help students accomplish their career and education goals by providing information about the top accredited public and private colleges and universities in the United States. We distinguish ourselves in the field by featuring a database containing only not-for-profit schools, providing a unique resource for students who are not interested in for-profit schools
  17. American College Search   ...learn more about colleges and schools within a certain state? Just click a state on the map or use our list of states to find more about information about the colleges located in that particular state. Most states contain many colleges and universities, and we encourage you to compare several different colleges in each state...
  18. Digital Badge (not College)  Digital badges could give Americans who earn them the kind of impressive credential that a college degree has conveyed without having to go through the time and considerable expense of earning one or more diplomas.
  19. Virginia Gov   Comprehensive job matching between job seekers and employersFinding information on that perfect job; wage data, skill requirements, as well as industry and occupational trendsInformation on potential training opportunities
  20. 10 Mac Apps   for College Students
  21. Virginia Career View   Vital Information for Education and Work
  22. Gear Fire    Focus on student college life.   Gearfire is a student productivity and organization blog, bringing you tips for academic success. It is a productivity-focused blog, but with a focus on students and college life.   Gearfire was founded in December of 2006 by Geoff Ruddock, with the help of Jordan Slaman. In late 2007 we converted from a blog to a multi-author content hub, allowing university students from all over to share their knowledge and wisdom with others, and get paid to do it. We now have a large group of contributors ranging from high school students to current college students to post-college students, all of whom share their wisdom on how to do well in school. 

Career College

  1. Skills One -   Hundreds of videos about getting a trade or skill

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