Best Career for You


## Best Career for You ##

Menu and Introduction

Looking for a career? Ask the following questions: Who am I? Where am I going? How do I get there?


1. Introduction: A Career For You

2. Self Evaluation

2a. College

3.Career Options - College / Vocational and More

4.Narrow Your Choices

5. Research Career Facts and Information


7.Job Shadowing, Internships, Volunteering, Apprenticeships and Networking

8.Decision Time

9. Planning

10.After Graduation


12. Odds and Ends

13.Get A Job Now

14. Project Overview

15 3Questions

The Facts Are In The Details



If you were offered $10,000, how would you spend it? Do you truthfully believe you could invest it wisely? How would your values affect your buying decisions? Where would you spend your money? Can you visualize yourself spending it on that new car? Would you put it in the bank for your future educational expenses? What would you do to get the most benefit and enjoyment from your money?

If you compare the next 40 yearsislike that $10,000, how youspendyourtime? Howwill youinvestin yourfuture?Fouryearsofhighschoolwillprepareyou for college, career college, militaryservice, apprenticeship, or the work world.

Yourcareerdecisionisaseriousone thatis4yearsin itsdevelopment. Theendofhighschoolisnottheend; itisyourfirstbeginning. Theendof your collegeyears, vocationaltraining, militaryserviceor thestartof your OJT (on thejobtraining)isthebeginningof thenext40 to 50yearsof yourlife. How will youspenditwisely? Consider more than just salary when evaluating a job offer. (more than just money)

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