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  3. CalculatorThe fast, friendly, shareable calculator.
  4. College Cost CalculatorThiscalculatorrequires the use ofJavascriptenabled and capable browsers. This script creates a valid assessment of how much expense is involved to provide a college education or private school education, or both.
  5. Geography CalculatorsBelow is a list of geography basedcalculators, conversion charts andconverterprograms available for use. Some of these are directly related to interest in geography and some are of indirect interest; often they are of interest in our day to day lives. We have written these or provided these for actual use and convenience, rather than for strictly educational purposes, though homework is a frequent and valid use. Each program applet in this particular group has a highly functional purpose. Each menu item has a descriptive pop-up that will appear, giving detailed information of that selection, as the mouse is rolled over the menu item. We are always receptive to comments or suggestions you may have. Enjoy!
  6. Arto's String CalculatorI made this calculator lute instruments in mind, but of course it can be used to calculate string tensions and diameters for whatsoever stringed instrument: harpsichord, harp, viola da gamba, guitar, ..., even grand piano. It is, anyhow, very important to understand that it can calculateonly plain string calculations!Thus wound strings, catlines, and such, are excluded.
  7. Budget and Financial Calculator (Home)Excellent graphics for a calculator.Managing your monthly budget can be difficult and frustrating. One of the most important aspects of controlling your budget is to determine where your money is going. This calculator helps you do just that. By entering your income and monthly expenditures, you can see how much you have left to save and where your money is being spent. In addition, you can click the 'View Report' button to compare your budget breakdown to our targets, which can help identify areas for improvement.
  8. This awesome free onlinecalculuscalculator can do pretty much anycalculusproblem that you can think up!. Just type in your problem and this free tool willfind a derivative, anintegraland much, much more
  9. Mortgage Calculator As students learn about the various investment and income-generating opportunities available for adults, their lessons are embedded in the broader framework of financial literacy and preparedness. When preparing student for financially sound futures, from income generation to investing skills, it’s important to provide a global perspective on income-related matters. * CAP Center ** Math, Calculators
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