Where am I going ?

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                                       3 Questions

3 Questions need to be answered in your search for a career.

1.  Who am I?

2.  Where am I going?

3.  How do I get there?


Where am I going? 

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 This is the "exploration" stage.  The areas covered in this process are: career information, labor market information, career research and short and long range goals.  After you complete this section you should have a better understanding of the "options" you have in the careers and the job market.



  • Planning for College
  •  you will find advice and information on selecting colleges, applying to colleges, and paying for college.  As you begin the journey which will take you to the next stage of your life, consider these basic points:
  • know yourself and articulate your priorities
  • listen to people you trust and trust your own instincts
  • don't rush important decisions or tasks; don't panic
  • don't lose sight of what's important to you
  • get good information
  • stay organized
  • be attentive to deadlines
  • work with your counselor
  • don't judge yourself by where you are or are not admitted
  • enjoy high school!


                                                                            About.com  Career Searching  

What Can I Do With a Major In   MyPlan.com helps students and professionals plan more fulfilling lives by making well-informed decisions about their education and careers. Whether you’re deciding on what college to go to, choosing a major, planning ahead for your first career, or thinking about making a career change, MyPlan.com can help you explore options and bring clarity and insight into figuring out what’s right for you. 100% independent and unbiased, MyPlan.com gives you the truth about colleges, careers and majors. Our research and data is the most comprehensive you’ll find anywhere on the subject. And, with dozens of easy-to-use tools, we’ve made getting to that information convenient, simple and fun.


Links for Where Am I Going

Career One Stop   Connects individuals to employment and training opportunities available at local One-Stop Career Centers. The website provides contact information for a range of local work-related services, including unemployment benefits, career development, and educational opportunities. 

Outlook Handbook - Search  Nation′s premier source for career information! The profiles featured here cover hundreds of occupations and describe What They Do, Work Environment, How to Become One, Pay, and more. Each profile also includes BLS employment projections for the 2010–20 decade

DOT Dictionary of Occupational Titles  the DOT alphabetical index web site, http://www.theodora.com/dot_index.html, consisting of 110 pages, each with a list of job codes and titles in a part of the alphabet.

Outlook Handbook - Search  Welcome to the Nation′s premier source for career information! The profiles featured here cover hundreds of occupations and describe What They Do, Work Environment, How to Become One, Pay, and more. Each profile also includes BLS employment projections for the 2010–20 decade.

Employment Spot  Career advice and resources to help with your job search!

Military Guide  here are hundreds of ways to make a living in the Military, and many of these careers provide the training and experience needed for a rewarding second career in the private sector. There is no guarantee service members will receive the jobs they want, as the Services determine where each individual’s skills are needed most.

Merchant Marine  The Strategic Plan "provides us with a sound, clear vision for the Academy's future, but the most critical work — of turning this overall strategy into specific actions — is yet to be done," Admiral Helis

The Idealist  Idealist is independent of any government, political ideology, or religious creed. Our work is guided by the common desire of our members and supporters to find practical solutions to social and environmental problems, in a spirit of generosity and mutual respect.

What Interests You  Answer a few questions, and your answers may stimulate answers you are not aware of.

Why Study History-History should be studied because it is essential to individuals and to society, and because it harbors beauty. There are many ways to discuss the real functions of the subject—as there are many different historical talents and many different paths to historical meaning. All definitions of history's utility, however, rely on two fundamental facts.

Presidential Management  Program  The PMF Program is a great leadership training ground. You'll perform valuable service to the American people while jump-starting your career, whatever you envision that to be. You'll get full salary and benefits as well as challenging assignments, rotations, feedback on your work plus an opportunity to make government work better. Find out more.

International Job Search  4 International Careers & Jobs is an international employment directory and search engine featuring reviews and web rankings of 12,000 career and job sites in 200 countries

CIA Careers  Make a difference in your career. Consider the global employment opportunities at the CIA. We're looking for a diversity of people for the important job of keeping America safe. This includes Clandestine Service Officers to be on the front line of human intelligence. Plus, individuals skilled in science, engineering, technology, analysis, foreign languages and administration for positions in the United States and overseas.

Virginia View  Virginia Career VIEW (Vital Information for Education and Work) is recognized as the Commonwealth's Career Information Delivery System for all students in grades K-8 in Virginia.  We are located at Virginia Tech as part of the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences in the School of Education.  As part of the Office of Education, Research and Outreach, our mission is to inform, encourage, and support the education and career development of the people of Virginia. Virginia Career VIEW is supported by State funds from the Virginia Department of Education, directly through Virginia Tech.For over 30 years, Virginia Career VIEW has been serving school counselors, educators, workforce development professionals, students, parents, and job seekers through career resources, research, outreaches, and professional development training.

Employment Spot  Some employment is temporary or does not result in an actual paycheck. These jobs are traditionally cash only and may not include benefits such as healthcare or 401 (k) options.If you are interested in earning some quick cash to get you through a rough time or you want to earn some money while you go to school full-time, these employment options may …continue reading Cash Job

Job Corp  Job Corps is a free education and training program that helps young people learn a career, earn a high school diploma or GED, and find and keep a good job. For eligible young people at least 16 years of age that qualify as low income, Job Corps provides the all-around skills needed to succeed in a career and in life

FAQ About the Merchant Marine  What is the Merchant Marine?The Merchant Marine is the fleet of ships which carries imports and exports during peacetime and becomes a naval auxiliary during wartime to deliver troops and war materiel. According to the Merchant Marine Act of 1936: "It is necessary for the national defense... that the United States shall have a merchant marine of the best equipped and most suitable types of vessels sufficient to carry the greater portion of its commerce and serve as a naval or military auxiliary in time of war or national emergency..." During World War II the fleet was in effect nationalized, that is, the U.S. Government controlled the cargo and the destinations, contracted with private companies to operate the ships, put guns and Navy personnel (Armed Guard) on board. The Government trained the men to operate the ships and assist in manning the guns through the U.S. Maritime Service.          

Where Will The Other Jobs Be?  Build a profile with employment, wages, skills, and more. Find high-growth and high-wage occupations.Learn about cutting-edge tools and technology used in specific occupations.

Create an industry profile with employment and wage trend information. Find industries with the largest employment and those projected to grow the fastest.
Includes employment and wage information at the national, state, metropolitan area and county levels

Find state labor market information and resources, including links to education, cultural, and recreation resources

Career Services and Cooperative Education   If you are graduating this year and need assistance with job search documents, a career search or major career decision making, the Career Services Office is here to assist you.  All of our services are available to you as a student and as an alumnus, most at no cost.

What Can You Do With a Math Degree?  Prof. Richard Penney compiled several lists of online career resources that are available to graduating students. Note that the content is aimed primarily toward undergraduates, but will certainly help the graduate student as well.

Finding Your Career in Science  Explore health and medical science careers

What Can I Do With a Major In   MyPlan.com helps students and professionals plan more fulfilling lives by making well-informed decisions about their education and careers. Whether you’re deciding on what college to go to, choosing a major, planning ahead for your first career, or thinking about making a career change, MyPlan.com can help you explore options and bring clarity and insight into figuring out what’s right for you. 100% independent and unbiased, MyPlan.com gives you the truth about colleges, careers and majors. Our research and data is the most comprehensive you’ll find anywhere on the subject. And, with dozens of easy-to-use tools, we’ve made getting to that information convenient, simple and fun.

Pathways to Technology

O'Net  Welcome to your tool for career exploration and job analysis!O*NET OnLine has detailed descriptions of the world of work for use by job seekers, workforce development and HR professionals, students, researchers, and more!

iSeek   Explore Careers, Plan Your Education, Find a Job

Who Owns What Company?

Dictionary of Occupational Titles  Following is the alphabetical index to the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) revised fourth edition, as supplied electronically by the US Dept. of Labor, provided, as a public service, by ITA, makers of immigration software.

CNN Money - Salary  A free basic report shows national average salaries adjusted by location. Get personalized answers with a Personal Salary Preview (a free, emailed look at the effect of your personal traits) and a premium Personal Salary Report — the ultimate salary negotiation tool.

How Much Do They Make? We provide salary information for the most sought after occupations.  Simply click on the job of your choice and you’ll find out the latest salary information for that occupation.  Salaries will vary by region, state, city, and employer.  However, the salary information we provide will give you a very good idea of the average salary for each profession.  This can help guide when making critical life decisions such as which field of study to pursue.

Local Career Locator

Career Zone  (from New York)  CareerZone is an innovative online career exploration and planning system designed especially for today's high-tech youth in New York State. CareerZone presents current and relevant occupational and labor market Information in a clear and interesting way, making career exploration and planning fun and easy.CareerZone leverages the power of the web to provide: information on 800 occupations from the national Occupational Information Network (O*NET) Database; the latest labor market information from the state Department of Labor; and interactive middle and high school career portfolios aligned with the New York State Education Department Career Plan initiative. Links to college exploration and planning resources help youth begin their life/work journey. Over 450 career videos provide a visual of the workplace and bring careers to life. Up-to-date job postings provide a glimpse into the local labor market and an ability to apply for positions. The expanded resume builder helps youth prepare one of the most important tools needed for a successful job search.

Job Profiles  The idea of starting a new career can understandably be baffling. What career do you choose? How do you get there? Where do you begin? All of these are legitimate questions and luckily, JobProfiles.org is here to help answer them.

Career Occupations  Good career decisions require good information—about your personal traits and preferences and about the world of work. Career counsellors can get you started by helping you to identify and articulate your skills, aptitudes, values, personality traits and interests as they relate to career choice.

State and Local Government  The State and Local Government Internet directory provides convenient one-stop access to the websites of thousands of state agencies and city and county governments. Use the drop-down menus on the left to view directory pages for:

  • States: State Government Offices - View all the websites in a given state -- from a state's home page or governor's site to the smallest counties or townships.

  • Topics: The websites of state government constitutional officers, state legislatures, state judiciaries and departments across ALL states.

Black Collegian  Now, in our 40th Anniversary Publishing Year, we are transforming – expanding, evolving – into DIVERSITY EMPLOYERS Magazine. THE BLACK COLLEGIAN Magazine has ceased to exist in paper form, while its spirit, founding commitment and some valuable features will be incorporated into the new magazine, and remain active and vital online.

Hispanic Employers  SALUDOS.com specializes in joining the hispanic bilingual professional with companies looking for DIVERSITY in the workplace

Careers in Government  As the lead U.S. foreign affairs agency, the U.S. Department of State has over 265 diplomatic locations around the world, including embassies, consulates, and missions to international organizations. The Department also maintains diplomatic relations with most countries in the world, as well as with many international organizations

Vocational Information Center  Explore vocational and technical careers, check out the skills employers really want, find a trade school, research technical topics and take a look at the current job market within the Vocational Information Center

Outlook - Trends-U. S. Us Department of Labor

EconData.Net  We have 1,000 links to socioeconomic data sources, arranged by subject and provider, pointers to the Web's premiere data collections, and our own list of the ten best sites for finding regional economic data. Click here to learn more.

2002 2004 - Current Trends This application is designed specifically for attorneys or corporation's assessment of the overpayment created by use of OES data in 2012Analyze 2012 U.S. Occupational Employment Statistics compensation based on 2010 data to ascertain if it causes overpayment.  OES survey data is a non-copyrighted U.S. survey; data shown includes 2001 data.  Copyrighted Canadian Census earnings data were provided by Statistics Canada. 

**Entry Level Employer Links**  Following are links to all entry level employers that made our "Top Entry Level Employers" list for 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003 and/or 2002. This page is the most comprehensive listing of links to entry level employers on the Web. Please bookmark this page so that you can quickly revisit after researching each employer.

Employability Checkup  The employability checkup provides a snapshot of your ability to find employment with a specific occupation at a specific wage and location. In the following pages, select an occupation and industry, a state and locality, an education level, and a wage level. This information will be used to create your employability profile.

Guide to Disability Resources  A "wonderfully well-organized site ... for cutting through the morass of disability-related material on the Web" -- Encyclopedia Britannica Internet Guide

Best Places data, stats  Visit Bert Sperling’s personal web site to get an inside look behind his latest Best Places list and studies.

Best Places To Live  Take our fun online quiz We'll instantly provide you with a tailored list of the best cities and small towns that fit YOU. Compare the perfect hometowns and undiscovered havens that match your interests. Dig deeper with colorful reports, job listings, and more. It's fun & easy!

Business Week Job Trends  JULY 11, 2005  —  EMPLOYMENT TRENDS   Job Growth's June Vacation Employment gains were weaker than expected, although other data were more encouraging and the overall hiring trend remains solid 

Top Jobs of the Future  By understanding the major trends that are affecting our lives, you will be able to play an active role in planning and directing your career. By understanding these trends you will have a better chance of seeing the big changes before they hit.This look into the future will show you the careers that are expected to have high demand and some that aren't. But more importantly this article will show you the basics of "trend spotting" so that you can make your own intelligent career choices.

Tomorrow's Jobs  Overview of the 2010–20 Projections

A Physics Degree  What Can You Do With a Physics Degree?

What can I do with this major?  Major Resource Kits (MRK) link academic majors to career alternatives by providing information on career paths, sample job titles, and a short bibliography of Career Resource Center materials available to students in a particular major. Materials listed may also be available at the University of Delaware Morris Library or local public libraries

Undergrad Degree  What Can I Do with an Undergraduate Degree in ...

Women's Studies  Career Opportunities for Women's Studies Majors

College Locator  The Web's Most Complete Resource for University, College and Career Search.  Operating since 1996, BrainTrack lists over 13,000 higher education institutions in 194 countries and is continually updated with new resources for education and careers. Thousands of sites reference BrainTrack, including Harvard, Stanford, Yale and more.

Truck Drivers  Welcome to everytruckjob.com, a free service dedicated to helping the professional class a truck drivers find new truck driving jobs with a list of better trucking companies hiring today! As a driver you can locate driving jobs by city, state, position and benefits offered. Search current driving jobs or fill out an ez-online driver application customized for the needs of a driver.

NATMA For The Latest News

Other Apprenticeships  What is an Apprenticeship?  How Do I Become an Apprentice?

Non College apprenticeships  The construction industry must recruit  200,000 new craft workers per year to meet future growth and cope with attrition.  It is a high priority at all St. Louis Apprentice Training Programs to attract sufficient number of properly trained entry level apprentices for the construction industry.

Carpenters Training  Our training program may span the gamut from simple tool use and material handling to extremely technical turbine calibration, but one lesson is constant: Whatever you do, whenever you do it, be the best and be productive.

Carpenter Apprenticeship  Prepares trainees with the skills and knowledge to become a professional carpenter.

Free Internet Courses Online  We are about ready to launch our new GED Prep program for the radically different, 2014 version of the exam.

Entrepreneurs & Small Business

 Resources for Entrepreneurs  Kauffman Labs for Enterprise Creation created 1 Million Cups (1MC) as a simple way to engage entrepreneurs in the Kansas City community. Each week, the 1MC program offers two local upstarts an opportunity to present their companies to a diverse audience of mentors, advisors, and entrepreneurs.

Time & Skills Management  This section of Mind Tools teaches you time management skills. These are the simple, practical techniques that have helped the leading people in business, sport and public service reach the pinnacles of their careers.The 40+ skills taught here help you become highly effective, by showing you how to identify and focus on the activities that give you the greatest returns. Doing this will save you time, helping you work smarter, not harder. What's more, these same techniques help you beat work overload – a key source of stress.

Management Articles  The following is a series of articles on Basic Management Skills which appeared in IEE Engineering Management Journal bimonthly from Oct 1991 until Apr 1993 (and which won the journal Premium Award :-)).

Sample Business Plans  Writing a business plan can be tricky. Get practical advice from renowned business planning authority Tim Berry, and the staff of experts at Bplans.  

Small Business Search

Video Archive Profiles

The Whole Business Plan  Why is a business plan so vital to the health of your business? Read the first section of our tutorial on How to Build a Business Plan to find out.

For Teen Entrepreneurs  Plugged In - Learning Through Technology: Plugged In connects individuals and cultivates minds by creating the opportunity to produce, express, and contribute using technology. Our vision is a community in which opportunities abound for people to contribute and innovate. Plugged In's primary medium is Internet and computer technology and we would like to use television and radio as time, resources, and opportunities allow.

Yahoo Small Business Portal  ahoo! Merchant Solutions and Yahoo! Web Hosting discount offer is open to new Yahoo! Small Business customers only. Discount applies for the first year (Merchant Starter only) or first 3 months, after which the then-current term fee will be charged. The discount fee offer expires on 6/30/2013. Customers are limited to redemption of this offer once on a single account. Offer is nontransferable and may not be combined with other offers and discounts, exchanged, or redeemed for cash. Other terms and conditions apply; see the Yahoo! Small Business Terms of Service when you sign up. Yahoo! expressly reserves the right to change or cancel the price or features of these services at its sole discretion anytime. All plans will renew automatically after the initial term unless canceled pursuant to Yahoo! Small Business Terms of Service.

Advanced Technology Center  The 137,000 square-foot, $22.5 million-dollar Advanced Technology Center has been developed by a special state/city partnership of the Commonwealth of Virginia through Tidewater Community College, the Virginia Beach City Public Schools, and the City of Virginia Beach. The City of Virginia Beach provided $12.5 million in funding and the Commonwealth of Virginia contributed the land and an additional $10 million. The center provides a unique blueprint for technical education in Virginia Beach, and for the nation as a whole.  The Advanced Technology Center will help the public schools and the community college meet projected enrollment figures for training in technology. It will also assist in addressing the demand among Hampton Roads' employers for a well-trained and educated workforce, especially in the areas of information technology and engineering. Most importantly, it will ensure that local students and citizens have the best possible career opportunities in the new millennium.

Merchant Marine

FAQ About the Merchant Marine

Military Guide

Career One Stop 

Setting Goals

Goals-The top ten ideas  You cannot pick up a book or participate in a training program today without the author or instructor teaching the power of goal setting. Yet, most people today spend more time planning a two week vacation than planning their lives by setting goals. It's been said that achieving goals is not a problem--it's SETTING goals that is the problem. People just don't do it. They leave their lives to chance...and usually end up broke by the time they reach retirement.

Easy 7 Step To Setting Goals  goals need to be complete and focused, much like a road map, and that is the purpose

What Do You Mean By Change?  We explore the final element of our working model - working with people to develop plans for, and implement change. 

Salary According to City  Cost of living: How far will my salary go in another city?

4 Steps to Successful Goal-Setting  Successful people have always had clear, focused goals that guide them to greatness. It took Thomas Edison thousands of attempts and thousands of failures over many years to invent the electric light bulb, but he new exactly what he wanted, and his goal kept him going until he achieved it The rest, as they say, is history.

Personal Goal Setting  Many people feel as if they're adrift in the world. They work hard, but they don't seem to get anywhere worthwhile.A key reason that they feel this way is that they haven't spent enough time thinking about what they want from life, and haven't set themselves formal goals. After all, would you set out on a major journey with no real idea of your destination? Probably not!Click this video to find out how to set powerful goals.Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about your ideal future, and for motivating yourself to turn your vision of this future into reality.

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