Project Overview

Project Overview


Job shadowing means shadowing or observing an employer or his employee for a period of time to get an understanding of what is like to be in the workplace.  It is a    privilege and you are a representative of your school, therefore there are certain rules of behavior, which are to be followed.

It is expected that appropriate clothing for the business world will be worn and personal appearance will be in good taste. has one of the best informational sites about this subject. 

II.             Benefits

Students can gain tremendous benefits from job shadowing. 

Class Credit

It is suggested that a student approach one or all of his teachers to ask if this assignment can be counted for class credit.  In order to get this credit, it must be requested from the subject teacher before the job shadowing begins and the job shadowing assignment must be directly related to the  SOL s and the lesson being taught in the classroom.  If you wanted to get credit in Math class a salary scale and other information might be appropriate.  If you wanted to relate it to History you might search the history of this particular profession.  (See  the assignment )


Job shadowing is an excellent experience for understanding the work world.  It may help you decide this is the career for you, or your life needs to follow a new direction.  It is on the job experience you can get in no other way. 

College Application

You may put this on some college applications and it may be the very thing that helps you get into the college you want.


It can be put in your resume and it shows your willingness to get an understanding    of the work world in the career of your choice.


Many students have been on a job shadowing experience and been offered a job.  (Don t ask for the job. Let the employer ask you.)  Several students have gotten part    time jobs while in school, summer jobs while they were in college and job offers after they got out of college or technical. School. 


It is possible that the employer would suggest an internship while you are in training.  This assures you a job while you are in further schooling, a paycheck while you are in school and possibly more.

Please remember,  no one gives away something for nothing .  All this is good experience and well worth the effort.  Once you decide what you want to do, your path becomes clear.   Your grades come up and your courses are determined by you goals.

III.         Assignment

      1.)  Give a brief History of the profession you are job shadowing.                             2.)  Give 3 significant points you find important about this career

      3.)  Describe the nature of the work that you want to be engaged in for the rest of your life.  Include duties and     responsibilities , etc.

      4.)  What are the working conditions?  Include typical hours, physical conditions, and best area job locations in the US or world etc.

      5.)  What are the best qualifications for this employment?  What  and where can you get the best training and qualifications for a job in your career field?

      6.)  What is the job out look?  Be specific?

      7.)  Show the career earnings in your field and the potential for career advancement.  Be specific.

      8.)  List a least 5 web sites that are the very best for finding further information    about your career.

      9.)    Give 5 related jobs and a brief explanation of each.

The 9 items should be completed in one of the following formats:

A written format

Each of these 9 items is to be in a separate paragraph (some may take more than one) and in your own words.  If you quote or paraphrase someone you are to use the correct citations to give them credit for their information.  (Everything should be typed, if possible.)

A Web Page

There are  graphic editors that can be used to create your web pages.  You may get information in the CAP Center for the creation of Web Sites. 

A Power Point Presentation

This program is available through out the school.  See the CAP lead teacher or other    teachers through out the building.




I.                 Forms

"Parent Consent Form"This informs your parents and release you to job shadow in the workplace."

Student Preliminary Survey

This is a survey designed to give your work mentor introductory information about    you and your interests.

"Student Questionnaire"

This is a questionnaire designed to help you to get the most out of your job shadowing experience.

"Student Reflection Form"

This is a form that helps you to reflect on your experiences and discover the many things you have learned from your experience.

"Student Thank You Letter"

Courtesy and respect require you to write a thank you letter to your mentor employer.

"Workplace Mentor Evaluation Form"

This is a form for the employer to evaluate his experience with you and your visit.

II.             Procedure

The procedure is very simple.

 If you want credit from any subject area you must complete the assignment sections as described above and fill out all the forms as mentioned.  This must be done before the job shadow takes place.

If you want class credit contact your teacher first, and complete the forms before doing the job shadowing/interview.

This form is from the  Occupational Outlook Handbook.  This is an excellent source of information and reference.

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