Student Preliminary Survey - Project

Student Preliminary Survey

This is a student survey designed to give your "Workplace Mentor"--your guide throughout your visit at the workplace--some introductory information about you and your interests. 

Your Name:



1. What are your favorite subjects at school? 

2. What are your favorite hobbies, sports or activities?

3. What careers interest you?

4. Have you had any previous job shadowing experiences? If so, where?

5. Do you have any work experience? What jobs have you had? Do you currently have a job?

6. At what type of business would you like to shadow and why?

7. What are your goals for your job shadowing experience?

 This form is from the  Occupational Outlook Handbook.  This is an excellent source of information.



I.                 Forms

"Parent Consent Form"This informs your parents and release you to job shadow in the workplace."

Student Preliminary Survey   

This is a survey designed to give your work mentor introductory information about you and your interests.

Student Questionnaire 

This is a questionnaire designed to help you to get the most out of your job shadowing experience.

Student Reflection Form   

This is a form that helps you to reflect on your experiences and discover the many things you have learned from your experience.

Student Thank You Letter

Courtesy and respect require you to write a thank you letter to your mentor employer.

Workplace Mentor Evaluation Form  

This is a form for the employer to evaluate his experience with you and your visit.

II.             Procedure

The procedure is very simple.

 If you want credit from any subject area you must complete the assignment sections as described above and fill out all the forms as mentioned.  This must be done before the job shadow takes place.

If you want class credit contact your teacher first, and complete the forms before doing the job shadowing/interview.

This form is from the  Occupational Outlook Handbook.  This is an excellent source of information and reference.

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