Student Thank You Letter Project

Student Thank You Letter

Thank you letters are an important business courtesy. When you tell people how much you appreciate good things they have done, you reward them for their efforts, make a good impression, and encourage them to repeat their participation.

It is important to thank your "Workplace Mentor" for the time and effort they have given to help you in career exploration. The following is a model for a thank you letter. On a separate sheet of paper, write your own letter and send it to your "Workplace Mentor" or pass it along to your teacher and/or school coordinator to send it to them, based on the instructions you have been given.

{Date (month day, year)}

{Your Mentor's Name}

{Your Mentor's Title}

{Your Mentor's Department}

{Name of Company}

{Street Address}

{Suite, Floor or Room Number}

{City, State Zip Code}

Dear {Mr., Mrs., or Ms. (Workplace Mentor's Last Name)}

{Paragraph 1: Thank your Workplace Mentor for his or her time and helpfulness.}

{Paragraph 2: Tell him or her why the experience was important to you. Share some of the things you learned through the job shadowing experience}

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