1. Speed Test Your Computer
  2. Free Computer Tech Support  If you're looking for free technical support, you've found it! This site is run completely by volunteers and paid for completely by donations and sponsors. There is no charge to you (although we do appreciate donations)
  3. DoudouLinux is specially designed for children to make computer use as easy and pleasant as possible for them (and for their parents too! [1]), while taking care of children self-fulfillment. DoudouLinux provides tens of applications that suit children from 2 to 12 years oldDoudouLinux does not need installing. It does not touch the data in the computer it runs on, nor the system installed on the computer. Shipped with built-in content filtering, it prevents children from accidentally visiting unsavory web sites [2]. It also preserves user privacy on the Internet, removes ads in web pages and blocks bugs, to get the best web experience. You can carry it everywhere.
  4. Hoax-Slayer is dedicated to debunking email hoaxes, thwarting Internet scammers, combating spam, and educating web users about email and Internet security issues. Hoax-Slayer allows Internet users to check the veracity of common email hoaxes and aims to counteract criminal activity by publishing information about common types of Internet scams. Hoax-Slayer also includes anti-spam tips, computer and email security information, articles about true email forwards, and much more. New articles are added to the Hoax-Slayer website every week.
  5. Code School today has roughly 40,000 users actively learning on its website at any given time, and has seen 1 million sign-ups to date. Around 15 percent of customers have reported some sort of positive outcome after taking Code School courses, like a promotion at work or a new job. Code school is free however some courses cost as much as $29 a month. Code school is not Microsoft; it is strictly  Macintosh. 

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