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  1. Create 3D pop-up books
  2.    Create your own interactive 3D pop-up books
  3. Virtual Tours   Mapwing makes it easy to build, share, and explore virtual tours. Use Mapwing to turn your digital photos into virtual tours that include interactive maps, images, and comments. Then, share your virtual tours with friends, clients, or the entire world. Begin creating your own virtual tours for Free
  4. Create a web page     StrangeBanana is a generator that automatically creates graphic webpage designs. You can see StrangeBanana at work by going to the page. What you see there will be a unique webpage design which have never been seen by anyone else before. If you want to, you can use that design for your own website.
  5. Kickstarter   Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects. Everything from films, games, and music to art, design, and technology. Kickstarter is full of ambitious, innovative, and imaginative projects that are brought to life through the direct support of others.
  6. CleVR    You can create stunning panoramas and turn them into interactive virtual tours.If you haven't tried making panoramas before, this is the place to start. If you have, you should find this the easiest and best way of making them. 
  7. GameSalad  Our Creator tool allows people just like you to publish games to a wide variety of platforms, including iOS, Android, HTML5, and Mac Desktop. Thousands of people have benefited from Creator’s drag and drop game creation method. In the video below, you can get a glimpse of just a few the many games that have been made with this tool. Video games provide a unique and powerful medium for sharing your ideas with the entire world.
  8. Psychopaint   Color painter  Psykopaint is probably the most unique photo editing application, web or dekstop that I have ever seen
  9. Certificates   Free certificates for all occasions.  Certificates of traditional design, perfect for any occasion or group. Multiple color options provided for most layouts
  10. Create Your Own Form   Create  your own form for anything.  JotForm is the first web based WYSIWYG form builder. Its intuitive drag and drop user interface makes form building a breeze. Using JotForm, you can create forms, integrate them to your site and receive responses by email.  JotForm is developed mainly for webmasters, but anybody with an Internet connection can use it. JotForm is WYSIWYG, so you can still make web forms without any web design or HTML experience. Since JotForm is hosted on our servers, there are no requirements. JotForm supports all standard web form field types. In addition, it allows you to use new and intuitive fields in your form such as Date Time Picker, Star Ratings, or CAPTCHA checks. Using JotForm, you can create any kind of web form.  JotForm is completely free for Basic usage. You can create forms, integrate them into your site, and collect submissions from your users without any cost. For Premium usage, it is $9.95/month. You can find a comparison chart between Basic and Premium versions here.
  11. Info-graphics   are everywhere, and we can’t get enough of them!By presenting information in a compact and creative format, infographics are able to quickly convey knowledge and engage its viewers. Most Infographics are fun to read and provide valuable information.Important to marketers, submitting unique infographics to the web that have to do with your niche, is one of the best things you can do for online marketing!
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