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Which Date Works for MePlan a date with friends and families (Free)


Diagrams and Mind Mapping Create your own chart, mind map, diagram


Sketch Your Own AccidentDrag your own vehicle from the upper left into the drawing area by using the left mouse button. You can drag the other party's vehicle from the upper right into the sketch. Rotate the vehicle by holding down the right mouse button. All further drawing objects can be dragged, moved and rotated in the same way as the vehicles.

Rhyming This is a free rhyming dictionary.


Speciality Dictionary This dictionary also has a thesaurus and sentence examples. It connects with many other types of dictionaries such as: accounting, advertising, agricultural, anthropology, archaeology, architecture, art and graphics, astronomy, automobile, aviation, beauty, beverages, liquor, coffee, tea, wine, biographical, biology botany, business, ceramics and glass, carpentry, chemistry, children's dictionaries, chocolate, clothing, collecting in computers.


Dictionary - Info and News This dictionary contains a universal dictionary interconnecting with more than 60 world languages, and English dictionary, a basic vocabulary dictionary, picture dictionary, and English thesaurus, encyclopedia, bilingual dictionaries, examples of the use as shown in sentences, specialty resources such as terminology in fields like biology and finance, mole phones, dictionary applications, topical dictionaries, terminology, vocabulary trainer in phrases module.

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