Grocery Shopping

  1. ZipList

for your groceries

    Excellent Blogs Create and manage your grocery shopping list, find and save your favorite recipes from across the web, get great savings and share with your entire family - for free! “Grocery shopping is necessary, but it shouldn’t be such a pain. Ziplist was developed to help you and your family manage all aspects of your grocery shopping in one convenient, central place. The rule in the house now is, ‘if it’s not on ZipList, it doesn’t get purchased.’ Yes that’s a simple rule, but what a difference it’s made for us.””
  1. One tsp. Organize your recipes Collect recipes from any web site, newspaper, or cookbook and organize them in one place. Access them from any web browser, smart phone, or tablet computer. Collect new recipes Use ourrecipe clipperto copy recipes from popular food web sites and save them right to your own collection...with just one click. Go shopping Quickly makeshopping listsfrom your recipes. Take them with you on your mobile phone.
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