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Inkscape   Scalable Vector Graphics Editor


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Physics  - Fizzics Fizzle

15 Useful Batch Image Processors       Free  Whether you’re a Web developer, Web designer or blogger, you’ve probably had to deal with the headache of converting many images to different sizes and formats. It’s not much fun if you have to convert all of them by hand. Batch image processing can reduce this process from hours of work to just a few simple clicks.  With batch image processing, you can specify a size or file type, and then a script runs to convert the images. You can process hundreds or thousands of images with just a few clicks


Citrify Photo Editor    with citrify Free  Quickly adjust photo brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, size, and orientation.  Reduce glare and wrinkles. Remove red-eye and blemishes. Air-brush for a smoother skin-tone.  Ever wonder how you would look as the Incredible Hulk? How about turning your Italian vacation photos into an artistic pencil sketch?

All kinds of forms.  Graph, lined, cornell notes, etc.

  1. Photo Editor Online
  2. Photos of everything on earth -
  3. Pictures, Photos, Images -Search engine for free “flickr” pictures.
  4. Photo Editor  Online   (Lunapic)
  5. Photo Editor Online  Picnic
  6. Free Photos  Karen whimsy
  7. Free Photos Wikipedia

Physical Education All sports  Provides sources of information for ball sports, including American football, Australian rules football , baseball, basketball, badminton, bowls, cricket, croquet, football (soccer), gaelic football, golf, handball, hurling, field hockey, ice hockey, korfball, lacrosse, polo, roller hockey, rugby, snooker, softball, squash, table tennis, tennis, torball, and volleyball. Also provides links for water sports, including canoeing, canoe polo, fishing, sailing, scuba diving, surfing and wind surfing, rowing, swimming, water skiing, and water polo.  And much more…


Printable Sports Brackets Round Robin Generators - Simple and double elimination tournament brackets for any sport.  Welcome to PrintYourBrackets.com, we provide free printable single and double elimination tournament brackets for any sport, game, or activity up to 128 teams. The brackets are available in both blind draw and seeded formats. Also available are printable round robin tournaments for up to 64 teams, these can also be used for season schedules. Visit the office pools link above for many unique printable office pool ideas. If  you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us.


The Training Station  Animated Exercise Examples


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