Just for Parents


These are not advertisements for these companies, and I am not encouraging participation in them.  I simply want to present these as interesting sites I have found.  If you try them out, it is at your own risk.

My Guardian  $10.00 (phone) one time fee.  Pro version $3.00 per mo. Tablet $10.00

PayTrust  PayTrust is the easy way to receive, pay and track all your bills online.  Fee for service  $$$

AVG Family Safety  Safeguards against bullying and cyber-predators.  Blocks inappropriate sites.  Protects while searching and social networking. $49.99

Bsecure Online v6.16    Bsecure Online has been protecting families around the world since 2001 with our patented, cloud-based technology. $49.99

SquareTrade   get your warranty here.

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