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3D Paper Sculpture  (and quilling)   How amazing the paper work is! The great master only uses paper and scissors. I wonder if the realistic furs use the technique of quilling(similar as fine cut fringed flowers).  Calvin Nicholls.

Maude White shows impossible skills and infinite patience in her beautiful series of illustrations made entirely up of paper, with no pencil or ink. She turns the paper into the lines of the drawing by subtracting tiny pieces out of it with an X-acto knife—an extremely delicate process.  Video of her creating an art piece. (Video)

That [unreliable] Girl    A CUT ABOVE - THE BEST OF PAPER ART  —`”As someone who has spent their fair share of time crouched over a craft mat fighting the cramps that often go hand in hand with extended use of tiny craft knives, I am outwardly ecstatic and inwardly envious that all things paper are undergoing such a notable resurgence."

Intricate Hand-cuts - Paper art     Suzy Taylor, an extraordinarily talented paper-cut artist in Hertfordshire, England, creates mind-bogglingly detailed works of paper art that are cut entirely by hand. She cuts each of her original designs out of a single piece of paper.

Printable Paper   1,538 papers you can download and print for free. We've got graph paper, lined paper, financial paper, music paper, and more. (Or get them all on CD-ROM for $39.)  Printable Paper has been featured by LifeHacker, Kim Komando, Woman’s World magazine, and the Today Show.

Yulia Brodskaya    Yulia Brodskaya, born in 1983, is a highly regarded paper artist and illustrator. She uses two simple materials-paper and glue, and a simple technique that involves the placement of carefully cut and bent strips of paper -to make lush, vibrant, three-dimensional paper artworks.

Yulia Brodskaya started working as a graphic designer and illustrator in 2006, however quickly abandoned the computer programs in favour of paper art: "Paper always held a special fascination for me. I've tried many deferent methods and techniques of working with it, until I found the way that has turned out to be 'the one' for me: now I draw with paper instead of on it".

Soon after discovering her passion and unique style, Brodskaya has swiftly earned an international reputation for her innovative paper illustrations and was named the 'breakthrough star' of the 2009 by Creative review magazine. Her modern take on the paper craft practice has helped her build an impressive list of clients in just a few short years, from Hermés to Starbucks to Godiva, Target, Sephora, The New York Times Magazine and many others (more than 100 projects over the 5 years).

Karen Bit Veile   Danish psaligraph artist Karen Bid Vejle creates many small paper cut art works, but it is the large scale installations that really highlight her talent and skill. more… Karen Bit Vejle

Sabeena Karnik    Independant illustrator/ typographer/ calligrapher, and fine artist specializing in paper sculpturing and 3D illustration. I love working with paper and exploring its endless possibilities

Lisa Nilson  These pieces are made of Japanese mulberry paper and the gilded edges of old books. They are constructed by a technique of rolling and shaping narrow strips of paper called quilling or paper filigree. Quilling was first practiced by Renaissance nuns and monks who are said to have made artistic use of the gilded edges of worn out bibles, and later by 18th century ladies who made artistic use of lots of free time. I find quilling exquisitely satisfying for rendering the densely squished and lovely internal landscape of the human body in cross section

Anatoly Vorobyev     This is the delicate paper art of Anatoly Vorobyev from Siberia. Much of his work looks like regular printed illustrations, but the magical part is when you see a close-up picture of the cutout shapes. The patterns are detailed and precisely cut with a Japanese X-Acto knife.

Brian Dettmer   s a New York-based artist known for his detailed and innovative sculptures with books and other forms of antiquated media. Dettmer’s work has been exhibited internationally in numerous solo and group exhibitions at galleries, museums and art centers including the Smithsonian (D.C.), Museum of Arts and Design (NY), Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art (VA), Museum of Contemporary Art (GA), Museum Rijswijh (Netherlands), Wellcome Collection (England), the Bellevue Arts Museum (WA), The Kohler Arts Center (WI), and the Illinois State Museums (IL). His work has been featured on the CBS Evening News, The New York Times (US), The Los Angeles Times (US), The Guardian (UK), The Telegraph (UK), Chicago Tribune (US), The Age (AU), ARTnews, Modern Painters, Wired, The Village Voice, Harper’s, Esquire, and National Public Radio among others. Dettmer’s work can be found in several public and private collections throughout the US, Latin America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Richard Sweeney was born in Huddersfield, England in 1984. He discovered a natural talent for sculpture at Batley School of Art and Design in 2002, which led him to the study of Three Dimensional Design at the Manchester Metropolitan University, where he concentrated on the hands-on manipulation of paper to create design models, which ultimately developed into sculptural pieces in their own right.

Intricate Paper Cuts    Japanese artist Akira Nagaya creates insanely intricate paper cuttings called kirie that look like delicate pencil drawings or wire sculptures.

Imagination in Wire

Charis Tsevis has done it again with a wonderful ‘wired’ series to symbolize the relationship between the network and the human body and spirit. Fascinated by the wired world we all live in, Tsevis created large scale illustrations of people, animals and brains, and if you look closely, they’re composed entirely of individual wires.

HubCap Creatures  Printed media appearances include The Times, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Sun, FHM, The Observer and numerous local papers as well as many international magazines and papers.He has exhibited several times in London, also in Brighton, Haslemere, Rutland, Salisbury, Scotland and also in Barcelona, Spain and Athens, Greece.

He currently lives and works in Brighton. 


23 Mind Bending Optical Illusion Paintings by Rob Gonsalves     Limited edition prints and original works are available through Huckleberry Fine Art. You can get the latest updates from Gonsalves through his official Facebook page.

How to Make Relief Sculpture   Lessons in sculpture and art.

Wood Chip Sculpture    53-year-old Sergei Bobkov has patented a unique technique of creating amazing sculptures out of Siberian cedar wood-chips.

Oleg Shuplyak Gallery    Hidden inside these remarkable oil paintings by artist Oleg Shuplyak lies a second layer of mind-blowing optical illusions.

Chalk Mall Street Art   Check the bottom of this  page for more artist.  Optical illusions like  you have never seen.

100,000 Toothpicks    One man, 100,000 toothpicks, and 35 years: An incredible kinetic sculpture of San Francisco

1000 Pencils    Einstein's portrait made from 1000 pencils.

Detailed Drawings     I’m Dalip Singh, working as a Creative Director with McCann Worldgroup, India. I have always believed that the science and art can be used for a larger social purpose. As a creative person, this gives me more satisfaction.

Winged Insects    Our society discards a lot of electronics, as they are rendered obsolete almost every day, but artists like Julie Alice Chappell, based in the UK, are there to pick up the pieces and turn them into beautiful recycled art. In her case, she turns old computer circuit boards and electronics into beautiful winged insects in a series called “Computer Component Bugs.”

Lip Art   Cartoon lip-art has won London makeup artist Laura Jenkinson a large internet following. She uses theatrical makeup and occasionally lipstick to create her portraits, which have included the likes of Roger Rabbit and the Lion King. 

$$$ Making Art

Ixia  Walk into IXIA and branches, tree trunks and driftwood surround you. Mosses, stones, succulents, pods and other forms borrowed from nature create a palette of texture. And wherever you look, you see tradition blend with innovation, in designs that range from fresh takes on the familiar to the artfully exotic.

For over 25 years, IXIA has been creating sculptural arrangements that reflect the wonder of the natural world. Our passion is evident in everything we create, from the smallest arrangement to the largest installation, and in art pieces that last an evening or a decade. Come and explore our work, here or in our shop in San Francisco.

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