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Sorc’d  Outstanding site for a research paper or collection of web page detail.

*CAP Center  ***)   The Blue hyperlink will take you to the place where the site link resides on The CAP Center Site.  The “$$$” indicates that there may be a cost involved.

  • Textbook Revolution is a student-run site dedicated to increasing the use of free educational materials by teachers and professors. We want to get these materials into classrooms. On this site you'll find links and reviews of textbooks and select educational resources. Some of the books are PDF files, others are viewable online as e-books, or some are simply web sites containing course or multimedia content.
  • Plastic to Oil   this is a video about a Japanese man who has invented a machine that can turn plastic back into oil. It is a fascinating way to save our planet from CO2 omissions.  * CAP Center  Cool Future  ***
  • Hoax-Slayer is dedicated to debunking email hoaxes, thwarting Internet scammers, combating spam, and educating web users about email and Internet security issues. Hoax-Slayer allows Internet users to check the veracity of common email hoaxes and aims to counteract criminal activity by publishing information about common types of Internet scams. Hoax-Slayer also includes anti-spam tips, computer and email security information, articles about true email forwards, and much more. New articles are added to the Hoax-Slayer website every week.   * CAP Center  Useful Sites,  Computer  ***
  • Learning Curve   "… in a single database, it combines education input data with data on learning outcomes and data on social outcomes, such as employment and crime. All this data is openly available to researchers and others who want to make their own connections." *  CAP Center Learning ***
  • Doctor, Dentist, Hospital   Find the right doctor, dentist or hospital that is right for you.  Today Healthgrades is America’s leading online resource for consumers looking to choose a doctor or hospital based on objective information that can lead to better health. Nearly 1 million times a day, Americans rely on Healthgrades to find and connect with the right doctor and the right hospital – and ultimately the right care for themselves and their families.  *  CAP Center  Health  — Medical Trends ***
  • Ginger    I usually do not recommend programs that cost money, however this particular program is very exciting because of the learning possibilities. This particular video shows graphic examples of how teachers can track student progress in their writing abilities.  Video    Captain Planet    The mission of the Captain Planet Foundation is to give the next generation of environmental stewards an active understanding and love for the natural world in which they live. Our unique program of funding and supporting hands-on environmental projects is designed to encourage innovative initiatives that inspire and empower children and youth around the world as they work individually and collectively creating environmental solutions in their homes, schools and communities.  Free or $$$ * CAP Center Writing Tools ***
  • Home Advisor   HomeAdvisor, a subsidiary of IAC (NASDAQ: IACI), is a leading website offering comprehensive tools and resources for home improvement, maintenance and repair projects. With 13 years of expertise helping more than 25 million people find a trusted home service professional, HomeAdvisor is a cutting-edge resource in the home industry.  Virginia Beach, VA.   *CAP Center  Useful Sites ***
  • Diffen    We believe that making the right choices should be easier than it is today. We believe that this is possible with information that is unbiased, free, concise and easy to understand. Diffen aims to provide a one-stop shop for such information.   When you are faced with choices, you are looking for unbiased information. Diffen makes it a goal to clearly delineate facts and opinions. The community keeps content unbiased and fact-oriented. The ratings and comments provide outlets for opinions.    *CAP Center  Useful Sites ***
  • Proofreading   Proofreading means examining your text carefully to find and correct typographical errors and mistakes in grammar, style, and spelling.  * CAP Center   Writing ***
  • ProPublica    ProPublica is an independent, non-profit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest. Our work focuses exclusively on truly important stories, stories with “moral force.” We do this by producing journalism that shines a light on exploitation of the weak by the strong and on the failures of those with power to vindicate the trust placed in them.  * CAP Center   News  ***
  • Check List  Sometimes the best ideas are simple ones. Two creative friends got together with one goal in mind - provide a simple way to help others organize, achieve goals and live a better life one check mark at a time. Out of this desire, Simply Checklists was born. For thirty years we've been creating and using checklists, so the next step seemed simple. Offer our detailed checklists FREE to others.  *CAP CenterUseful Sites   ***
  • Hack The Menu  HackTheMenu is your one-stop resource for all Secret Menu items at all fast food restaurants. Secret Menus at restaurants are comprised of unofficial and unadvertised selections that fast food chains will make when ordered but that do not exist on their regular menus.  *CAP CenterUseful Sites   ***
  • Dollar Stretcher  Not by selling you products. We don't have any to sell. What we do have a lots of practical information. You'll find new material on our website every day and a whole new front page each week. Our library contains thousands of articles on specific money-saving concepts or you can do a site search from any page on the site. You can sign up for one of our enewsletters and have great ideas delivered to you regularly. You might want to join our Financial Independence group. We also have an active Community where people share their money-saving ideas.   *CAP CenterUseful Sites   ***
  • Password breaker   How secure is your password?  *CAP CenterUseful Sites   ***
  • On the Spot   episode of On The Spot is a lightning fast game of entertaining trivia. The answers will amaze you.  Test your knowledge with questions like these.  Can a cow have an accent?Which came first, the color orange or the fruit?  As a kid, did Napoleon hate France?  Was the name Google an accident?  Who got the world's longest standing ovation?  For the surprising answers to these questions and  hundreds more, catch On The Spot every week.  It's quite simply everything you need to know about everything. Check your local listings.   *CAP Center*  Search Engines   ***
  • Scout  Find things to do in our area.  Music events, festivals, historic places, etc.  *CAP Center*  Games   Search  Travel ***
  • Milo  Find a product in the local area.   *CAP Center*  Search Engines   ***
  • ZipList   At ZipList, we want to make grocery shopping quick and simple. So we’ve put all the tools you need to effortlessly organize this weekly chore in one place. What does that mean? It means having your personal recipe box, shopping list and grocery deals all on one place, at   *CAP CenterRecipes   ***how 
  • Smashwords    Smashwords is the world's largest distributor of indie ebooks.  We make it fast, free and easy for any author or publisher, anywhere in the world, to publish and distribute ebooks to the major retailers.  FOR READERS, Smashwords provides an opportunity to discover new voices in all categories and genres of the written word. Once you register, the site offers useful tools for search, discovery and personal library-building.  Most of our books are affordably priced, and many are free  *  CAP Center    Reading  **
  • Road Trip Nation  Roadtrip Nation empowers you to define your own road in life instead of traveling down someone else's.  Living a life fueled by authenticity and passion allows people the ability to offer their creativity, ingenuity, and enthusiasm toward their goals. We hope that this, in turn, will build a better local, national, and global community.  The Roadtrip Nation Movement exists to support, empower, and encourage individuals who want to define their own roads in life.  *CAP Center*  Careers  ***
  • Video     * CAP Center   Find a career that is right for you  ***
  • Quirky      It all starts here, folks. If you’ve got an incredible invention idea, submit it to our community and one day it could end up on store shelves. Check out our blog for tips on creating top notch ideas: The strongest ideas are well researchedeasy to understand, and we can build them with modern technology.  Whether you already have a patent or just drew your idea on a napkin this morning, we’re happy to receive it, so long as it’s a physical consumer product.  To submit your idea for consideration, you first need to create an account. Once you have joined our community, submit your idea using our submission form.
  • Car Advice   Have a question about your car. This may be the place to get it.  Also suggested was a site for "Safe Teen Driving". and "Child Safety Seat Knowledge Base".  (These sites link suggested by Amanda)  Thanks Amanda!   *CAP Center* Useful Sites   ***
  • Dam Delicious    I’m Chung-Ah and welcome to Damn Delicious! I initially created this blog in 2011 to organize my favorite recipes but it has blossomed into something that has become a huge part of my life. I’ve met such amazing foodies, connected with readers all over the world, and have conquered many culinary feats in my closet-sized kitchen.  *CAP Center* Recipes   ***
  • Hub Pages    HubPages is an open community of passionate people—writers, explorers, knowledge seekers, conversation starters. Interacting and informing. Sharing words, pictures and videos. Asking questions. Finding answers. It’s a rich and rewarding experience with a unique set of tools and resources to help Hubbers find and build an audience, easily create articles, and earn all sorts of rewards, from accolades to ad revenue. Over 42 million people explore HubPages every month.
  • Discovery  - Education for Teachers  Discovery Education offers a broad range of free classroom resources that complement and extend learning beyond the bell.   Foster deeper engagement and opportunities for students to take charge of their own learning with high quality, engaging, relevant tools designed for today’s busy teachers and parents. Explore our programs and contestsinteractive gamespuzzleslesson plans, videos and more.  *CAP Center  *** For Teachers, , and All School Subjects   
  • Mortgage Calculator  As students learn about the various investment and income-generating opportunities available for adults, their lessons are embedded in the broader framework of financial literacy and preparedness. When preparing student for financially sound futures, from income generation to investing skills, it’s important to provide a global perspective on income-related matters. * CAP Center  **  Math,  Calculators
  • Math Games   Math games for younger children.  PBS KIDS is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of children through curriculum-based entertainment with positive role models and content designed to nurture a child’s total well-being. With a 360-degree approach towards learning and reaching children, PBS KIDS leverages the full spectrum of media and technology to build knowledge, critical thinking, imagination and curiosity. PBS KIDS encourages children to interact as respectful citizens in a diverse society. * CAP Center  ** MathGames ***
  • Zooniverse   The Zooniverse is home to the Internet's largest, most popular and most successful citizen science projects. Our current projects are here but plenty more are on the way. If you’re new to the Zooniverse, we suggest picking a project and diving in - the same account will get you into all of our projects, and you can keep track of what you’ve contributed by watching ‘My Zooniverse’.  * CAP Center **  Science
  •  Census Reporter     Populations and dollar figures are broken down by category: Demographics, Economics, Families, Housing and Social.  Our library of charts gives you insight into data from the places you research. Look for them on profile pages.  Pre-computed statistics are presented alongside each data point, so you can see how each place fits into a larger context.  Census data is massive, and sometimes it’s hard to find the table you’re looking for. Search by table and column keywords.  From any comparison, save the data you’re viewing in CSV, Excel or a variety of geographic data formats.
  • Socratica    Learning is Free!

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