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50 Coolest Online Tools for Word Nerds 

Focus:  Writing.

Online Writing Lab

 OWL   Purdue Online Writing Lab

5 Free Online Writing Labs

 ——    Dictionaries     

Best Dictionary 

Best Reverse Dictionary      

Learn Vocabulary  Quizlet 

————      Thesaurus

Best Thesauru

 Power Thesaurus

—————      Writing

Quietest  100% Free.

Online Writing Support 

———        Grammar:




After the Deadline”   

 Towson University   Outline Writing Support Grammar, usage, and sentence structure.   

Verb Conjugation Online  

Sentence Diagrammer. 

—————     References

Stands4-Network:  AbbreviationsBiographiesConversionsDefinitionsGrammarLyricsPhrasesPoetryQuotesReferencesRhymesSymbolsSynonyms, US ZIP Code.

—————     Data Bases (information)

USA.gov   is your online guide to government information and services.

Open Education Database  

Facts and Trends   

————-    Research


—————     Media

 Free Clipart you can use for anything you like.

Image Search   Compfight 

————      Plagiarism


 Duple Checker  

—————-     Collaboration

Online Speed Reading Training    Draft


Pen flip   

                                   Other Writing Tools

Writing Prompts

Outline Organizer 

Mind Mapping with WiseMapping


Hiveword   . 


Random Story Generator  

Thesis Builder  

Book Report Ideas     

20 Types of Essays   .

Visual Periodic Table  of Infographics   

PaperBack Writer  - Blog     


Today in Literature 

60 Second Recap  

Literature.org  (Anne,Charlotte and Emily), Jack LondonMark TwainCharles Dickens and many others, and classic scientific works from Charles Darwin and Rene Descartes.

 Literary Terms and Definitions  

  1. Eye On Books

Listening Quizes

  1. Book Bytes Murder Mystery
  2. Book Bytes Romance Novels
  3. Resource Room
  4. Book Bytes for Young Adults
  5. Book Bytes Fantasy and Science Fiction
  6. Book Bytes- Cat Books
  7. Book Bytes Humor
  8. Book Bytes Horror Novels
  9. Book Bytes Fantasy and Science Fiction
  10. Book Bytes Thrillers and Disaster Novels
  11. Tower of English
  12. Web English Teacher
  13.  Literary Terms and Definitions   
  14. Classics
  15. Spark Notes
  16. Literature Resources
  17. Literature Summaries  
  18. The Literature Network
  19. author index. over 250 authors. 
  20. World Literature Today  
  21. Literature Review Defined   


Lyrics Finder

Rhyme Zone

Rhyming Dictionary

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