Study and Testing Skills

  1. Study Guides and Strategies   For the past sixteen years I have researched, authored, maintained and supported the Study Guides Web site as an independent, learner-centric educational public service. We have enjoyed collaborative projects across institutional, cultural and national boundaries. I resist registration and distracting graphics or features that may interfere with maximizing learner access and success. I hope you find the resource helpful.
  2. The Academic Skills Center is committed to helping students with their studies; balancing work, school, and life outside of school; and much more. In this endeaver, we have accumulated a collection of essays that we think will help students succeed. 
  3. Test Taking Tips  Whether you're a high school or college student, tests are unavoidable. If you take a multiple-choice exam your strategy will be different than if you were to take an essay test. Learning proper note taking, studying and test taking strategies are a vital part of improving your grade on exams as well as your academic success.
  4. Note Taking   Copying class notes after the fact is a time-consuming way to study for an exam, but it was the only thing that truly worked for me back in college. But next week I'll be in a classroom again for the first time in 8 years, pen poised over notebook, and this time I'm going to perfect a strategy that gets my notes right the first time: the Cornell Note-taking method.
  5. Study for Tests   Tests are a way for you and your teacher to measure how well you have learned the material covered by the class. Think of them as a challenge! Here are some tips for studying for tests.
  6. Before, During, and After Tests   The Basics of effective learning.
  7. How To Study   More than 100 free, practical study skills articles.
  8. A Brief Guide: How to study   If you are reading a printed version of this, you might be interested in the Web version, at  which has numerous links to other helpful Web sites (indicated in some printed versions by underlined phrases). 
  9. Study Skills   Article Topics: Learning, Reading, Skill Development, Instruction, Advocacy, Article types: General Information, Classroom Supports, 

Improve Your Study Behaviors and Skills

  1. How to Study    More than 100 free, practical study skills articles
  2. Mindtools  The full Mind Tools toolkit contains more than 700 management, career and thinking skills. Use the buttons below to start exploring them
  3. Exploratree  Exploratree is a free web resource where you can access a library of ready-made interactive thinking guides, print them, edit them or make your own. You can share them and work on them in groups too
  4. Paper Rater  Checks Grammar and Spelling, Proofreading, Plagiarism Detection, Writing Suggestions.  Price $0.00
  5. Internet Homework Helper  Links to the best on the Internet.
  6. Homework Library Homework Helper    
  7. Virginia Beach Public Schools Homework Helper
  8. Thesis Builder  online tools for thesis statements and outlines.
  9. Sound Smart in your Writing  ...a psychologist at Princeton showed that as the amount of “big words” in a writing sample went up, the perceived intelligence of the writer went down
  10. Speed-Reading Techniques  ...I got serious about speedreading. Here is the collection of what I practiced then, and picked upsince. The first thing I had to do was toss away the reading myths…
  11. 77 Wayss to Learn Faster   Life-changing knowledge does typically require advanced learning techniques. In fact, it's been said that the average adult only uses 10% of his/her brain. Imagine what we may be capable of with more advanced learning techniques.
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